Thursdays, 3 PM-6 PM

Fridays, 3 PM -9:30 PM. Open mic runs from 7 till close.

Saturdays, 3 PM-8 PM…later if there is a special event.

Sundays, 9 AM-6 PM. Brunch is served from 9 AM-noon, lunch/dinner from noon-5:30 pm.

What is your policy REGARDING DOGS at the restaurant?

Dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant, with the exception of trained SERVICE DOGS. While dogs are allowed outside in the back yard (except during music festivals), they must be on leashes.

How can I perform at "OPEN MIC” on fridays?

The sign-ups for OPEN MIC start at 6:30 on Fridays (the show starts at 7). Just come on in and ask for “Grey”..he hosts the evening and will get you a slot.

WHAT if I’m vegan?

There is something for everybody on the menu, and we can modify items to work for you (wrap burgers in lettuce, serve the tacos in corn tortillas instead of the usual flour, etc).

HOw can I get my band booked to play at the palms?

Send a request (and a little bit of information) to “palmsliveevents@gmail.com”. You will hear back within a day with information, etc.

I’d like to shoot a video/film at the Palms. Who do I contact?

E-mail us at “palmsliveevents@gmail.com”, telling us who you are and what you’re looking to do.

are kids allowed at the palms?

The Palms is a restaurant with a bar. Anybody of any age is allowed in the restaurant..however, only those 21 and over are allowed to sit at the bar. While most of the show/events are “kid-friendly”, we advise you to use good judgement regarding bringing your kid(s) to shows at the Palms.


call (760) 361-2810 or send an e-mail to: palmsliveevents@gmail.com